Triad Team

The Triad Team - Serving NW and NE Ohio

Wendy Bejaige

Wendy Bejaige is the Executive Director at Triad Residential Solutions for both the Northwest and Northeast locations. Her career began over 20 years ago as a Childcare Director with more than half spent in the disabilities field. Prior to her work with Triad, Wendy created the first Day Service program for another provider. Ultimately, she became the Associate Director for that provider and supervised all programs and employees.

Wendy has an Undergraduate Degree in Business and a Graduate Degree in Organizational Leadership. She loves caring for people, from children to adults, and enjoys time with her husband, two daughters, and her two adorable pups. Wendy is excited to explore the future with Triad Residential Solutions.

Jamie Chrisman

Jamie Chrisman is a Residential Manager at Triad Residential Solutions’ Northeast location. Jamie started as a Residential Specialist for Triad in 2008. The first home she created began as a challenge and later became one of her great successes. The house is still regarded by many as a cornerstone of Triad’s residential program. Jamie is the lead person for much of Triad’s training and employee development services.

Jamie is a valued resource and fervent advocate for every client and employee. She works diligently in her administrative role, and passionately in her relationships with everyone.

Sher Cook

Sher Cook is a Residential Manager at Triad Residential Solutions’ Northwest location. Sher has 12 years of professional experience in the disabilities field and started off at a young age by caring for her sister who has an intellectual disability. At the age of 18, Sher started as a direct care staff, team leader, and worked her way up as a Residential Manager for well-known agencies in our area. Sher is currently a student in the social work program at The University of Toledo and believes that helping others is her purpose in life. Sher takes great pride in empowering others and making a difference in their day.

Sher enjoys traveling, spending time with family, and setting her day up for success by attending the gym each morning.

Kayla Curtis

Kayla Curtis is a Residential Manager at Triad Residential Solutions’ Northwest location. Kayla began her career with Triad in 2011 as a Residential Specialist in the Northeastern district, working in and managing several homes rising to a Residential Manager before her move to the Northwestern office.

Kayla loves animals almost as much as she loves people, and her desire to rescue extends to both. She is zealous about “doing the right things for the right reasons.”

Ben Harteis

Ben Harteis is the Transportation Manager at Triad Residential Solutions’ Northwest location. He is the point of contact for all things transportation. Ben joined the Triad Management Team in 2012. His years of Fleet Management, Transportation Coordination, and his exceptional knowledge of Northern Ohio make him an invaluable member of the team. Prior to joining Triad, Ben worked as an Engineer for a major steel mill, a General Manager for a national moving company, and a Manager of an award-winning restaurant.

Ben earned a degree in Manufacturing Engineering/Technology from Rhodes State College, and because he is always expanding his skills, Ben has continued his education in Teambuilding, Problem Solving, and Business with a focus on Entrepreneurship.

Courtney Klorer

Courtney Klorer is the Residential Director at Triad Residential Solutions’ Northwest location. Caregiving is a defining characteristic of Courtney’s life. At a young age she began what would become her career by caring for an elderly neighbor who relied on Courtney for much of her wellbeing. Immediately after graduating high school she was offered a position at a local hospital where she helped people rehabilitate after major injuries and other medical emergencies.

Courtney joined the Triad team in 2014, and she continues to serve both at Triad and the hospital with compassion, conviction, and empathy. She has dedicated her life to helping those in need, and cannot envision any other calling. When she is not serving her clients and their families she will be found adoring her two beautiful children.

Christopher Lopez

Christopher Lopez is the Residential Manager at Triad Residential Solutions Northwest location. For the past 27 years, Christopher has been enriching lives and providing professional services to adults with developmental disabilities and at-risk youth. Throughout his professional career, he has had the opportunity to “wear many hats” ( Job Coach, Job Developer, Case and Residential manager). This experience has helped him develop as a manager and provided him with the experience, knowledge and essential contacts to best represent and advocate for the individuals he serves.

When not serving his clients and their families he enjoys spending time with his wife and son out on the soccer field.

Karen MacEwen

Karen MacEwen is the Receptionist at Triad Residential Solutions’ Northwest location. Her work keeps everyone on track by managing employee documents and client files in addition to her normal duties. Before joining Triad in 2014 Karen spent a portion of her first 30-year career living overseas and traveling domestically while she created computer graphics for ABB Automation.

Karen’s love of people is evident in the respect and kindness she shows to coworkers and clients alike. She delights in her two children, four grandchildren, and her many rescued cats.

Megan Mundrick

Megan Mundrick is the Vocational Manager at Triad Residential Solutions’ Northwest location. Since graduating from BGSU in 2003 Megan has been providing professional services to adults with developmental disabilities. Megan began her career with the Lucas County Board of Developmental Disabilities in 2004. While there, she worked specifically with individuals who required intensive behavioral supports. Following that, she spent nearly 10 years at Sunshine Communities working with individuals who had substantial medical needs.

Megan Takes great pride in encouraging independence and promoting community inclusion for the people she cares for. She loves that every day is different, and she believes that with every new challenge comes an opening to grow and learn. Megan cherishes every opportunity to encourage, teach, and share life with those she serves.

Brock Overstreet

Brock Overstreet is the Program Director at Triad Residential Solutions’ Northeast location. Brock is a foundational member of TRS which began in 2001. His strong knowledge of DODD rules and regulations is critical to the framework of all services provided by Triad. In 2004 Brock moved to Northeast Ohio to head up the establishment of Triad’s second location.

Though his role is largely administrative his passion for spending time with clients, their families, and Triad’s staff keeps him in the field regularly. Brock is a firm believer in treating both clients and employees as family.

Tim Perna

Tim Perna is the Community Liaison and Quality Assurance Administrator at Triad Residential Solutions for both the Northwest and the Northeast locations. He ensures that Triad is meeting all rules and regulatory standards. He believes “Quality is our number one goal for the individuals we serve at Triad.”

Tim worked closely with county, state, and federal agencies in the areas of vocational training, residential programs, and policy development during his 30-year career with the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, which he retired from in 2014. More than 35 years of experience in the field of Intellectual Disabilities has helped form him into an invaluable resource.