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Triad Residential Solutions provides personalized supports for adults with developmental disability in their own home and in the community. We recognize the important choice of community living, and the societal connection and responsibility this brings. Triad Residential Solutions promotes everyone’s right to live in the way they choose, with support, to achieve personal goals within a safe and secure environment.

Triad Residential Solutions offers Adult Day Services and Vocational supports in both Northwest and Northeast Ohio. Our ultimate goal is to allow the individuals we serve to seek experiences that allow them to become valued members of their community, both through work and volunteer opportunities. We challenge our individuals to reach outside of their comfort zone in order to expand their social network and natural supports. The programs we run are based on the individual goals and desires of our clients and their teams in order to allow them to grow and gain confidence in areas that will allow independence both in the workplace and in the community. We offer a diverse range of supports including job training skills (teamwork, communication, time management, safety training, etc.), along with several enrichment activities, including animal therapy, arts, and crafts, seasonal activities, karaoke, small group activities, exercise, movies, beauty days, etc. Triad hires motivated staff who encourage the individuals they serve to try new things. Triad prides itself on training staff to get to know each individual they serve on a personal level and to meet them where they are in order to assist them in personal growth.

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Triad Residential Solutions is committed to hiring staff with the motivation and desire necessary to promote positive experiences for our clients.

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