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Whether it’s your first time seeking services or you wish to change your provider or modify supports, Triad Residential Solutions can help! We understand the process can be difficult and confusing, so we’ve put together a short list of some common questions, words, and acronyms to help. Please call our office if you have any questions!

Offered by The State of Ohio Medicaid program, a waiver allows for the provision of diversified medical and support services in the home, community, and places of employment.

Triad Residential Solutions supports two types of waivers: Level One and I/O. Level One waivers are designed for limited or short-term supports, and allow selection of services based on an annual budget. I/O, or Individual Options waivers are funded based on an assessment outcome for individuals requiring enhanced or more frequent supports.

Individuals with Medicaid waivers may select from various H/PC and ADS supports, as well as enhanced individualized supports based on funding and availability.

Funding and supports may be outlined using the Ohio Developmental Disabilities Profile, or ODDP. The Department of Job and Family Services has the final say in funding level determinations for each individual. Funding is influenced by supports needed and available Medicaid budget.

Homemaker/Personal Care services are supports designed to promote independence with home and personal care needs. May include cleaning, hygiene, food preparation, and other supports based on individualized needs.

Adult Day Services are designed to provide recreational activities and potential employment opportunities for individuals who are no longer eligible for educational services through state programs.



Ohio Developmental Disabilities Profile is the tool used to determine required individual supports based on need.

Acuity Assessment Instrument is a tool used to determine the percentage of staff time an individual requires during Adult Day Services.

Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities is responsible for setting standards and regulations to be observed by county boards and providers.

Lucas County Board of Developmental Disabilities is a county board affiliated with the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, and offers resources and supports to individuals in Lucas County.

Department of Job and Family Services is a social services agency that has final say in determining funding ranges for each individual.

Service and Support Specialists are county board employees that act as mediators between individuals and providers, assisting in provider selection and oversight of service provision.

Non-Medical Transportation includes transit services for purposes other than medical appointments. Certified agency providers may offer this solution to individuals for work or recreational purposes.

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